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Art Party: Social/Political Collage May 20, 2018 – Oregon WCA Artists
Oregon WCA Artists

Art Party: Social/Political Collage May 20, 2018

Compassion by Nancy Coleman

You are invited to OWCA Artists  social/political collage art party at 1:00 PM May 20th (Sunday) at Jan Carp’s:  3635 SW Kelly Ave., Portland, OR 97239.

We will discuss what is social and political art, and how most any subject (esp. these days) can apply.  Here’s a chance to let yourself be outrageous if you want to! or express your anger or caring etc. Draw like a kid perhaps. Use your non dominant hand if you wish.

And then we will get to business working on  something new or  old. Perhaps consider working on that painting or two of yours that you never quite liked as a base or perhaps even to cut up, and/or bring some  fresh canvas, paper or wood etc. you want to work on.

We are encouraged to bring relevant articles, pictures, artifacts, poems, songs, perhaps some mesh or fabric, bits and pieces of interesting glue-able objects (consider texture and color man made and from Nature or perhaps whats washed up from the beach or whats in your garbage-can like old cigarettes! or labels from junk food or some pix of people involved in a political scandal) along with scissors, pens, pencils, erasers, ink, water based paints, a couple of brushes, a water well and acrylic medium to be used as glue and perhaps an art board to work on and maybe a folding chair.

Other glues and paints are OK too as long as we are working outside and its kept well away from those of us who are chemically sensitive. Jan might even weld something, who knows? Lets pray for a dry day, eh?

I plan to bring an extra table and folding chair, after talking more about this with Jan.

Please RSVP on FB (see FB link on http://oregonwca.org) and/or email oregonwca@gmail.com.  And contact us if you have any suggestions or questions.

Likely we will  have coffee, tea and (hopefully gluten free) snacks…

Consider donating $5 (or what you can afford) to put in the kitty for materials, goodies etc.  However no one will be turned away for lack of funds.



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