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Oregon WCA Artists

OWCA Meeting Minutes June 26, 2013 SHOW&SHARE: Critique Practices with Carolyne D. Landon

PRESENT: Nancy Carr, Carolyne D. Landon, Ikie Kressel, Shirley MacGregor, Jennifer Frykman, Kerri Evonuk, Harriet Levi.

Speaker: Carolyne D. Landon

We met from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the student lounge at PSU, outside the Littman Gallery.

1)    Carolyne shared her “app” which has recently been released through Amazon and which was reviewed in the Oregonian.

2)    We went around the circle and told something  about ourselves.

3)    Carolyne Landon was our speaker. She told us about  her background and art career.  She has worked as a graphic artist, a court artist, a portraitist, and has taught in the art programs at Corcoran and the New York Academy of Art.  She has an MFA from Goddard in Interdisciplinary art.

4)    She handed out “Art Criticism: a four step process and we went through the 4 steps. I have attached a copy of the whole article to all members.  She also talked about Erwin Pernofsky, a German Art Historian.  A copy of his article is also attached. He developed a 3 part process:

a)    Primary or natural subject matter

b)    Stories and Allegories

c)     Intrinsic Meaning

Carolyne also discussed pluralistic approaches, such as a contemporary process by Hobbes and Rush which focuses on contextualization.

Some art historians  take a functionalistic or instrumentalism approach, looking at art as functional in everyday life.

We used the 4 step process to analyze 5 pieces of art brought by the members.

Submitted by Harriet Levi, OWCA board member

Handouts click links to download: Panofsky Reading From June SHOW&SHARE ; Landon Approaches to Critique handout for June SHOW&SHARE

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