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OWCA Meeting Minutes September 25, 2013 SHOW&SHARE at Janet Amundson-Splidsboel’s Studio

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PRESENT: Catherine J. H. Miller,   Ikie Kressel, Jan Carpenter, Joan Glebow, Karen Swallow and Susan Russell.

Hosted by artist Janet AmunSept. 2013 SHOW&SHARE, image of Janet's studio,dson-Splidsboel (not a current OWCA WCA member in 2013)

Our host Janet Amundson-Splidsboel you can contact for a open life drawing (from the figure) at  janetsartstudio@gmail.com.  She offers drawing once a month. She calls it “ The candlelight group” $8 a session and the events go  5-8pm  and there are 5  25 minute sessions of the same pose each night. Guests will share wine and treats that they the artists bring.

Host Janet Amundson-Splidsboel’s shared her encaustic painting and her great studio open studio coming up soon….. check  it out… “Open Studio”  on line.

Janet told the group that submissions are  being accepted to Oregon Society of Artists (OSA) for a show where artists buy 12×12 wooden panels from OSA. The they must submit them with pricing under $200. to learn more go to www.oregonsocietyofartists.com.  Janet shared some of her art on the walls of the house that she takes as her studio. And about process of just producing art, and some about her history with Madeline and seeing the OWCA grow into a impressive organization today. Madeline was her mentor, and was responsible for helping Janet in developing her confidence in producing art.

Sept. 2013 SHOW&SHARE, image of Ikie's printsIkie reported that  Mark Mahafey master printer was in town and in her studio with her. She shared that she has spent some time working on getting a solid blacks from her linoleum block prints to no avail and hoped he could help.  Ikie brought 3  test proofs of three different blocks to show the issue with the blacks and discuss her work for two upcoming shows.  The master printer helped her to make the change in linoleum  from some stuff she’d been using to supplier Daniel Smith out of Seattle who has the better type which she’d used before… It was higher quality not like the cheaper one as she had been using. Ikie shared A large print she made for the OCA [WCA?] show “Sky”….. then a second one same size with same type of checkered border titled “French braid”…. Ikie says it speaks to the mothers…..  Third lage print same size no boarder was made more recently “post new grand baby in the family” Ikie says…..  group discussion included appreciation of the symbols like fingers and pushing the boundary of commercial work.

Karen Swallow had a small announcement for the Madeline Award presented by Presidents Catherine to Joan Glebow and Una Kim this year at the PCPA OWCA showcase show artist reception. and said that this is being written up and sent to publications…. Norma one of Madeline’s best friends…. Helen Ford possible show for Madeline’s stored work….

There will be a show for her looking for a grant for the show to be framed…. For a show….  There is the submissions for the Audubon show…. 6×6 donated art show bird only one piece…. Karen shared her Sumi ink with waxed paper. then the group talked about paper. She said that this work or her work is or will be hanging Mooreland Frame shop.

Jan Carpenter shSept. 2013 SHOW&SHARE, image of Jan Carpenter's sculptureared a new sculpture piece made from welded steel which is in mid process. She wanted input about the  LED lighting in the base of her work, and different applications/treatments for the elements.

Discussion on scale color and possible solutions took place. Jan spoke a bit about her recent travels to south America.

Catherine J. H. Miller read a published piece of her fiction writing titled “Girl don’t think anything of it”

She may be writing a book using this and other short stories possibly set a touch in the future.  Bunch of short stories could use as a vignettes.  group ask about if she was painting she said yes but not much at the begining of the year. But  you can see her art at  http://catherinejhmiller.wordpress.com   and on http://asomewhatsecretplace.wordpress.com/  her book on disability and art that she wrote earlier in the year.  The story she read was from a”Write around Portland”  group who then also published her work. She felt the publisher  edited too much out of the story leaving a large part of a page empty when it did not need to be. She felt censored and the work was feminist.  Catherine then shared her next project ,  paintings of 30-50 cat beards viral photos on the internet. project to be done 2014.

Joan Glebow surprised a few of the long time members in attendance who did not know that in addition to being a artist she can play the harmonica. As Jan put it “in such a way like we never have heard one plaid.”

Joan has been drawing self portraits in top bound sketch books with favorite pens that are just right. Meaning, that they are sort of running low on ink so that they make some smoke on the page. going through her stuff to decide what to keep and what to let go into universe.  There was a lot of enthusiasm Where she shows  emotion through herself portraits….

Sept. 2013 SHOW&SHARE Susan RussellSusan Russell is a new artist in town and new member to OWCA in 2013.  She said to the group how happy she was to be a part of the OWCA and meet everyone.

She shared her published book `Book about letters,” (note: not sure on title) which is a history of letters and is a collection of  illustrated letters. Her work and she where warmly welcomed.

She read for her book the letter Z page. And she flipped through the book. You can buy the books from her directly.

She would like more opportunity to share the book with schools and communities so contact her if you are interested.

Submitted by Jan Carpenter, OWCA Treasurer


OWCA Meeting Minutes June 26, 2013 SHOW&SHARE: Critique Practices with Carolyne D. Landon

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PRESENT: Nancy Carr, Carolyne D. Landon, Ikie Kressel, Shirley MacGregor, Jennifer Frykman, Kerri Evonuk, Harriet Levi.

Speaker: Carolyne D. Landon

We met from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the student lounge at PSU, outside the Littman Gallery.

1)    Carolyne shared her “app” which has recently been released through Amazon and which was reviewed in the Oregonian.

2)    We went around the circle and told something  about ourselves.

3)    Carolyne Landon was our speaker. She told us about  her background and art career.  She has worked as a graphic artist, a court artist, a portraitist, and has taught in the art programs at Corcoran and the New York Academy of Art.  She has an MFA from Goddard in Interdisciplinary art.

4)    She handed out “Art Criticism: a four step process and we went through the 4 steps. I have attached a copy of the whole article to all members.  She also talked about Erwin Pernofsky, a German Art Historian.  A copy of his article is also attached. He developed a 3 part process:

a)    Primary or natural subject matter

b)    Stories and Allegories

c)     Intrinsic Meaning

Carolyne also discussed pluralistic approaches, such as a contemporary process by Hobbes and Rush which focuses on contextualization.

Some art historians  take a functionalistic or instrumentalism approach, looking at art as functional in everyday life.

We used the 4 step process to analyze 5 pieces of art brought by the members.

Submitted by Harriet Levi, OWCA board member

Handouts click links to download: Panofsky Reading From June SHOW&SHARE ; Landon Approaches to Critique handout for June SHOW&SHARE

OWCA Meeting Minutes May 29, 2013 KNOW-HOW: Galleries Choose Artists

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Those attending: Lily Ye, Katie Bretsch, Emily Lux and Orsen, Ikie Kressel, Shirley MacGregor, Kerri Evonuk, Carolyne Landon, Nancy Carr, Susan L. Russell, Tammy Wilson, Cynthia Mooney, Harriet Levi, Chris Brown, Karen Swallow

Three panelists: Martha Lee from Laura Russo Gallery
Merridawn Duckler from Blackfish Gallery
Gina Lane from Lane Art Gallery

1. Martha Lee: 14 years at Laura Russo. Had secretarial Degree, had been Administrative
Assistant. Been in Wall Street Banking. After Arlene Shnitzer’s Fountain Gallery closed,
Martha came to Laura Russo Gallery.
*Emphasis is on contemporary NW Artists.
*Rarely a day goes by when an Artist (represented by the gallery) doesn’t come in.
*Philosophy: Pro-active. She makes a lot of calls to collectors and institutions to
develop a strong broad audience. Has engaging clientele.
*Runs a professional business with attention to details. 50% take of sold work.
*Selection: Already booked through 2014.
Does get submissions but rarely accepts new artists.
Chooses works that resonate to her. Responds to high quality work. Looks at the
larger picture. Each artist is unique and special and needs to appeal to
Review Show of young artists/ funded by a Foundation Fund. 35 years or under.
New Views will be the First Thur. of June. Try these new artists out.
Looks for artists at PNCA/Lewis & Clark graduates; Milepost 5 for example.
*Promotes with public calls,/huge expense.
*Has considered Art Fairs but they are very expensive i.e. Seattle or San Fran.,
Had Fair in Miami in 2008. Have to make commitment 2 years in advance.
*Each artist represented shows each 18 months to 2 years.

2. Merridawn Duckler: Blackfish is oldest cooperative gallery – 35 years.
She is a writer/ play director in Alaska. Now doing conceptual art.
Ritual is her show First Thurs. June 6.
*30 members. Each must mount/ determine topic and install all the work.
*Selection: How many accepted and when, fluctuates. Applicant goes to the committee which goes through many opinionated artists.
* Portfolio: look for certain level of work and serious artists, willing to take on monthly meetings. Photos of work must be good.
* Hands-on approach and a lot of control are the benefits.
* First cut goes to all the members. Very diverse group =every attitude/genre.
Lots of discussions and opinions/ basket goes around for enough “Yeahs”.
*New artists considered as to their understanding of cooperative attitude.
*Core is still there + Barbara Black and Paul Missall. Like a family.
*Gravitate to seriousness of the art work – level of craft, not age or gender.
* Application can be all year. Takes months – about 3 months to get accepted.
* Five or six spots open in a year. Fluctuates.
*Recent MFA students pay less fee.
*Responsibilities: Gallery sit monthly/ Meetings to attend/ Exclusive Oregon.
Monthly fee= $85. Paid Gallery Director (few hours).
*Blackfish takes %age of sales. Not always sales, but brings people to the gallery.

3. Gila Lane: Was professional portrait photographer in LA. Does mixed media.
*Has moveable walls and provides area to hang her own art and create work.
*One year in present location. It has morphed. Gallery is Salon style with multiple
artists each month based on a theme. Example: Oregon Humane Society
benefited by promoting adoption of animals.
*Artists cooperate to hang and take down.
*First Friday Reception artist must be there. Free wine, Compote (her daughter’s
Enterprise at 21 and SE Clinton) donates food.
*Selection: Chooses art that she would hang in her own home.
Price point and work tailored to community and not tourists.
Not over $500 and not large in size as to accommodate multiple artists (9-15).
*Chooses cooperative artists. Those who are prolific. Finds artists at shows.
*Promotes on FB, mailings, postcards, community events, SE Examiner, Oregonian
Art Source, radio, posters.
*Has community and civic participation at music events, Division St. & Clinton
St. Fairs, neighborhood meetings.
*Likes to see art in person. Hears about from friends.
*Has a Website that explains how to show and apply.
*No fee to submit. Goes to artist website.
*First Friday. June 7, By the Sea.
1. Difference between Jurors and Curators.
Jurors choose the work. Curators choose the work and hang the show.
2. Body of Work. Do galleries look for consistency in work, so that it all looks like one artist?
In most Galleries, yes.
Blackfish, the work is consistent at first. Once you are in, they don’t care. Artists change
mediums and that is OK.
Laura Russo keeps pieces in the back of each artist, so clients can see different styles of work.
3. Do critics write about the shows? Sore spot for everyone. No dedicated Oregon writer
any longer. Only 2 stringers. DK not writing any more for art related events.
There are some Blogs. Art Media is in crisis. Not as visible in Portland.
Other cities have the same problem.
4. What to look for to fit in? Laura Russo has strong relations with museums (large and small). Publications/Collectors/ Curators, like at the Halli Ford Museum in Salem. Open communication. Contract.
Lane is person to person.
*Walk in to research.
*Use a resource. Talk to other artists.
*Don’t walk in with your work. Make submission on line or CD is easier.
*Look at Gallery websites.
*Make appointments, call or email to start conversation.
5. What is experience with Women in the Arts?
*Russo Gallery has equal representation by women. Has not detected bias from collectors.
* Museums traditionally have fewer women represented. Need to fill out COMMENT
CARD to express your opinion. Is a historical problem. In past more men were
Artists, but as it changes there will be more women in the more recent works.
5. How to become more Professional? How to help our members become more
Need to help build skills. Has to be framed right and well. Photos have to represent you
well. Resume should be strong.
6. Should one not show at churches, coffee houses? Will that not look good on the Resume?
Not necessarily.
Do work that is important to you.
If goal is to get into gallery, then too many coffee shop shows is not as favorable.
Real “red-flag” is if you go back and forth about the issue.
Depends on how ambitious you are.
Do you create for yourself or for an audience? (Readers- in case of a writer).
Doing service to an organization (i.e. OWCA) to attract Gallery Owners.
Having Juried shows will provide OWCA with more members and establish quality work.

Notes submitted by Karen Swallow, Programing Committee Chair and Board Member