Oregon Women's Caucus for Art

The DaVinci Art Auction

In 2010, 85 women from all over the world came to Portland to participate in an International Women’s Art Show and Symposium. After the exhibit 14 of the artists donated their work to OWCA to promote art education. OWCA stored these works until an appropriate venue could be found. We then contracted with the DaVinci art program and donated these works to the DaVinci Art Auction, a yearly function to support the teaching of the arts at DaVinci Middle School. Through this donation, much needed funds were generated to provide art classes to children who would have been deprived of them through school budget cuts.

Art & Play

Each year the OWCA offers a two hour event called ART&PLAY where members gather to provide art projects for children. We provide highly interactive projects with both 2D and 3D art projects ranging from bead making to potato prints.  Some times projects involve writing and talking as well as theatrical play.  All project are fun and for all ages.  We feel that women working in the creative fields are a great resource to our community and that sharing our talents and love of art with children via ART&PLAY is essential for the building community and the legacy of women in the arts.

For the past two years we have brought ART and Play to Bridge Meadows a intentional community of elders and foster families.  We invite donations of supplies and request to bring our ART&PLAY to your community.

“During our first year, I had a sort of words list project making sculptures. One of the “elders” sat and played with clay saying , “Oh I am not going to make anything”. She ended up doing the kids project and sculpted a wreath with flowers.  She could not help herself and we had so much fun.” – Catherine J. H. Miller, OWCA President 2013

Current Events

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This is a annual social/mixer. This event is free for members and guest of member. <–!more–> >
Creston Park couldn’t be easier to find. Take the Ross Island Bridge onto Powell. Then turn right at 42nd.  Go one block to SE Rhone. Turn left into the parking lot and you are there! the picnic area is easy to find and access.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  RSVP to Karen Swallow (see you membership roster for her contact information).Does anyone have a portable barbeque to fire up?  Please let us know in your RSVP.This event is a members only event with no fees for guests. Members are encouraged to bring family and friends interested in learning about the OWCA.

BYOB!!!  OWCA will purchase an alcohol permit.

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ART&PLAY- Annual in October a public service event where we bring art projects to children in need or children in an at risk demographic. Details for this event such as location TBA.

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KNOW-HOW: Issues for Women Artists

Our annual KNOW-HOW in November is dedicated to discussion on feminist and gender studies  issues in the arts.

KNOW-HOW is an educational event series of instructional lectures and skill shares. To include but not limited to information on technology, and career development.

This year our speaker: TBA.

Details for this event such as location TBA.