Oregon WCA Artists


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Portland Center for the Performing Arts (PCPA) will host a juried exhibition titled OWCA Showcase.  The Oregon Women’s Caucus for Art (OWCA) is a chapter of the National Women’s Caucus for Art. The exhibition OWCA Showcase will feature 27 OWCA members from Washington and Oregon.  As the OWCA membership is a diverse group the art… Read more »

How to apply to the OWCA Mentorship Program

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PROGRAM IS UNDERDEVELOPMENT When this program is revised and approved by the board we will be taking applications. Applicants with disabilities that prevent them from completing the application process may approach any member of the board to request accommodations (Help from board members). Following this communication, the board will discus and assign a mentor to… Read more »

OWCA Meeting Minutes June 26, 2013 SHOW&SHARE: Critique Practices with Carolyne D. Landon

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PRESENT: Nancy Carr, Carolyne D. Landon, Ikie Kressel, Shirley MacGregor, Jennifer Frykman, Kerri Evonuk, Harriet Levi. Speaker: Carolyne D. Landon We met from 7:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. in the student lounge at PSU, outside the Littman Gallery. 1)    Carolyne shared her “app” which has recently been released through Amazon and which was reviewed in… Read more »

OWCA Meeting Minutes May 29, 2013 KNOW-HOW: Galleries Choose Artists

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Those attending: Lily Ye, Katie Bretsch, Emily Lux and Orsen, Ikie Kressel, Shirley MacGregor, Kerri Evonuk, Carolyne Landon, Nancy Carr, Susan L. Russell, Tammy Wilson, Cynthia Mooney, Harriet Levi, Chris Brown, Karen Swallow Three panelists: Martha Lee from Laura Russo Gallery Merridawn Duckler from Blackfish Gallery Gina Lane from Lane Art Gallery 1. Martha Lee:… Read more »