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OWCA Emerging Northwest Woman Artist Award

The goal of the OWCA Emerging Northwest Woman Artist Award is to increase the numbers of emerging artist in our membership, while supporting an emerging artist thought the gift of a year membership.  Award winners give a speech at our Annual Public Meeting of Members on the last Tuesday in January of the award year. On creation of this award it was hoped that this program would become an annually anticipated free public talk, thus continuing the OWCA’s commitment to education and public service.

Awards are given annually to one female artist working within the fields of fine art craft, design, illustration, social engagement art and the studio arts.  OWCA collects names and information on nominees June 1st through September 30th. Selection is made and announced by November 1st of the year prior to the presentation of the award.  Membership is give at the time of the presentation.  All presentation will be made on the last Tuesday in January of the award year.  Emerging artists of all ages can apply. Artist may nominate themselves.  Artists may be enrolled in secondary or post secondary schooling at the time of their awards.  Preference may be given to those in their senior year or one year form completion of their program.  Must be 18 years or older.  The board of the OWCA acts as selection committee.  Please send nomination for OWCA Emerging Northwest Woman artist Award to current president:  Catherinejhm@gmail.com

List of awards winners

The Madeline Award

This award was created in honor of Madeline Meza Janovec, one of five founders of the Oregon chapter of the WCA.  Janovec was born on Valentine’s Day in 1935 and passed March 4th 2011 at the age of 76. She was instrumental in both the Asian arts community – arranging artifacts to be returned to their country of origin and in building some of the open studio events and art walks that have become such a treasured Portland tradition. Through her teaching career and her gallery in southeast Portland she became a mentor to generations people. Her art was extremely influenced by the northwest. However, it was not only the landscape, but people to which she dedicated her life and career.

Awarded to both men and women for outstanding service to the legacy of women in the arts and or OWCA.

List of award winners


Current Events

27 / 17


This is a annual social/mixer. This event is free for members and guest of member. <–!more–> >
Creston Park couldn’t be easier to find. Take the Ross Island Bridge onto Powell. Then turn right at 42nd.  Go one block to SE Rhone. Turn left into the parking lot and you are there! the picnic area is easy to find and access.
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  RSVP to Karen Swallow (see you membership roster for her contact information).Does anyone have a portable barbeque to fire up?  Please let us know in your RSVP.This event is a members only event with no fees for guests. Members are encouraged to bring family and friends interested in learning about the OWCA.

BYOB!!!  OWCA will purchase an alcohol permit.

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ART&PLAY- Annual in October a public service event where we bring art projects to children in need or children in an at risk demographic. Details for this event such as location TBA.

29 / 17

KNOW-HOW: Issues for Women Artists

Our annual KNOW-HOW in November is dedicated to discussion on feminist and gender studies  issues in the arts.

KNOW-HOW is an educational event series of instructional lectures and skill shares. To include but not limited to information on technology, and career development.

This year our speaker: TBA.

Details for this event such as location TBA.